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Aimed at reaching change objectives, our services differ slightly depending if you contract them
as a Company / Organization or as a Private individual.  


>> to area for Companies

Management Consulting and Professional Coaching for your organization.
   ... Working on vision, missions, strategies, company’s culture, the structure and its functional
   challenges, leadership, communication and competencies of top / executives and collaborators,
   enforcing collective intelligence at the core of groups and teams, raising customer orientation,
      and a lot more …


>> to area for Private Individuals

Professional Coaching in private sessions.
   … Supporting you in "re-"cognizing and developing your talents, improving relations and well-being,
   clarifying your goals, taking up a positive position facing professional challenges, leading your
   career, cope with stress, launch a particular personal project, empower choices and true life, 
   overcome some obstacle, change for a higher pleasure and efficiency response, 
      and a lot more  …